Send message to list of users who are not in same room?

According to the documentation, users can't communicate in the Lobby. Please suggest me a way to handle the following situation.

Our game is a real-time match-3 RPG. A room is generated to have a battle between two random players.

Now we are going to introduce the guilds. A player can send a request to the guild members for a friendly battle. Similarly a user can send a notification to his/her friends for a battle. How we can send these notifications using the Photon infrastructure?

I can create a room for my guild members, but every time I will have to left this room for battle with other random player and join it back after battle, seems not a neat solution. Also I can't have all my Facebook friends in same room.

I am looking for a way to send some notifications to a particular user or list of users. Is it possible within PUN?


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  • JohnTube said:

    5. Use Facebook for this.

    How using Facebook?