Realtime (.NET) client and PUN in same game room

Hi! Can anyone teach me how to set up a room where I have both Realtime and PUN clients?

My idea is to use Photon Cloud to create a room where I have a Master Client using the .NET SDK (for basic simulation and validation) and the rest of the clients use PUN through Unity.

Whenever I create rooms in each platform (.NET SDK or PUN) neither can find the other's rooms



  • Hi @Fox,

    This is due to the AppVersion being different in the two clients.
    As a solution you can create an AppVersion on the .Net client the same as in PUN (in PUN, game version is suffixed with PUN version), something like this:
    string appVersion = string.Format("{0}_{1}", gameVersion, versionPUN);
  • @fox: Please explain why you would make your life so difficult doing that?
    PUN has basically all features of the realtime API (LoadBalancing). Why use both?
  • Fox
    edited January 2017
    @JohnTube thanks for the tip! I'll try it as soon as I can.

    #EDIT: it worked! Thanks!

    @Tobias I don't see it as making my life difficult... If I use Photon Cloud I can't have server-side game logic with a simple solution (only with plugins on Enterprise Cloud).

    Therefore, my idea was to launch a simple .NET application to create game rooms and to be the master clients with the dedicated, authoritative game logic that cannot be in the Photo Cloud. The app creates rooms and PUN clients can only join existing rooms.

    My game simulation is really simple but requires server-side validation, so using Unity for it seems a bit too much for me to host several instances. The Photon Server SDK also seems a way to go, but I think the Cloud can greatly minimize my hosting costs.
  • @Fox: Thanks for the insight. That makes sense, yes. Good you could make it work.