Random crash on deriveSharedKey

I am currently using the version Photon-iOS-Sdk_v4-1-0-4 for C++. I've got random crash when PeerBase trying to deriveSharedKey and convert binary to big number. Any hints could be provided to fix it? what is it trying to do?

0 Game 0x1003390c0 EGBN_bin2bn + 283556
1 Game 0x100339080 EGBN_bin2bn + 283492
2 Game 0x10034228c ExitGames::Photon::Internal::PeerBase::deriveSharedKey(ExitGames::Photon::OperationResponse const*) + 320880
3 Game 0x100341964 ExitGames::Photon::Internal::PeerBase::deserializeOperationResponse(unsigned char*, bool, int, unsigned char) + 318536
4 Game 0x1003415e8 ExitGames::Photon::Internal::PeerBase::deserializeOperation(unsigned char*, int) + 317644
5 Game 0x100343f68 ExitGames::Photon::Internal::TPeer::dispatchIncomingCommands() + 328268
6 Game 0x100340bd8 ExitGames::Photon::Internal::PeerBase::service(bool) + 315068


  • Hi @charlesso.

    Can this be reproduced with one of our demos?

    Have you checked, if this is also happening with newer releases?

    Are you connecting to Photon Cloud or to a self hosted Photon Server instance (and if it is the latter then to which server version)?