Using the TSRigidbody for standalone determinism

Our particular game uses a delay on inputs so that the RPC can sync up and be executed at the same time on all clients. Given the same physical setup (i.e. launch force, angle, etc) on all clients and launching of the projectile at the same time, could the TSRigidBody be used in place of the unity RigidBody component, and provide each of the clients with the same physics simulation for the projectile path, without needing to switch anything else over to TrueSync (using vanilla PUN for everything else).

- Topaz


  • Hello @Topaz,

    You can have only a few objets included in TrueSync, and use it to do the sync-simulation process. At first glance there is no restrictions you need to worry about it. If you find any situation that didn't fit in your context please reply us.