Simple Question About Android - Unity3d

I'm creating an android game in unity3d and I'm just wondering about a question I got, you see - I'm looking around in the files you can download from the asset store ( Angrybots Multiplayer ) and tried to build a game with the scene's that was included and it worked on pc but when it comes to a mobile, is it just to lunch the game and create a room and for other people who's close to me just to start the game to an join the room or how does it work?
I pretty much just wonder how it works on a mobile phone.


  • The players do not have to be in the same location.They just both have to be connected to the same network like the server (can be your local WLAN for testing, but for a live game this normally means the Internet). Then your clients only have to know the ip or url and the port of the server, so they know to which computer in the network they have to talk to. Of course you can also play with for example PC vs. OSX. vs. Android vs. iOS vs. some not even unity3d clients all in the same room.
  • so if I'm speaking about android now, they just have to enter the other ones ip adress or something similar?
  • so if I'm speaking about android now, they just have to enter the other ones ip adress or something similar?
    The clients have to connect to the servers ip-address (if you can have that one in your code or if the user has to enter it, depends on how often your server moves to another computer). The clients (which in your case the two unity android phones) don't have to know each others ip-adresses.
  • Because I downloaded the files and built the scene's that was included and it comes up a room listing where I can join and create rooms to play in with other players but I don't really understand how it will work with other people, when I try on my own pc I just haft to start another version of the game and I can join the room... but when it comes to phones I have no idea how to connect to the right network so they can play togheter.
  • The demos are set up to run on a locally running Photon. Out of the box, it works only on the same machine.
    iOS and Android devices are of course not "the same machine", so the local IP won't work anymore. The address "here" is wrong on those.

    The documentation (pdf) in the package provides the steps to setup a server and the clients for the case Photon is NOT running on the same machine as the client(s).

    The game server config has to be adjusted to your server machine's IP and the clients have to use this IP in their Connect() calls.
    Make sure your mobile devices are in your wireless lan.
  • Thank you!