Cutscenes and various game sequences


Using TrueSync, is there a way to handle cutscenes (or any other game sequence) and keep clients in sync? For example, a common case is wait for an animation and then proceed with the next game phase.

How can we handle this case?

We can use TrueSync's coroutines and wait for an amount of time greater or equal to the animation duration, but is it really the best solution? Otherwise we can send a special input from each client (something like a 'proceed' command) when they complete the animation - but in this case it will be useful if general behaviours could use OnSynchedInput .

What do you suggest?

Thanks for the support,



  • I think the idea of a "barrier/proceed" input "works", but it is not elegant...

    What I've heard from many experienced devs is that you should completely decouple simulation from presentation...

    Maybe something like this is acceptable:
    - start animations + deterministic coroutine (with timer set to a bit more then animation time);
    - animation end starts a view-only message (a loading/waiting for other players sort of thing).

    All clients will proceed normally after coroutine says so...