how does CoroutineScheduler (and SyncedStartCoroutine) work? I've seen that is not documented.

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  • Hi,

    It has the same principle as Unity's Coroutine, you can pass an IEnumerator to SyncedStartCoroutine. In this version of CoroutineScheduler you can only use an amount of time in the yield instruction, for example "yield 5.0f" to wait for 5 seconds before execute the next step. We should include an example in one of our demos in the future, good catch.
  • Ok, thanks.

    What does it happen when we call UpdateAllCoroutines()? I saw that this method is called in many contexts.
  • You should not call it manually. What it does is check if any of the registered co-routines are ready to run the next step (it's deterministic timeout is finished).