Is there an equivalent Physics.CheckSphere() for TrueSync?

I would like to be able to make the same functional equivalent call as Unity's Physics.CheckSphere() but obtain a deterministic result.

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  • Thanks, @JeffersonHenrique, that will be great to have the CheckSphere feature. As for the sphere collider, I'm wondering when the callback gets fired. Does it happen during instantiation of the collider or on the next TrueSync physics frame?
  • Hi @JeffersonHenrique,
    An equivalent to Physics2D.OverlapCapsule would be great too.
    This functions are really useful for ground collision checking, looking forward to them.
  • @JeffersonHenrique OK, I put together a little test to research an answer for my collision question and it appears that collisions are checked instantly upon instantiation, which is fantastic. I think I can work with this. Thanks for all your help.
  • Hello @ScriptGeek, you noticed right, after we call "OnSyncedUpdate" we run a physics frame and then the related callbacks. Thanks for all the feedback.
  • Hi @John05, it will be great, we are working to include more and more of those functions.