How to determine state changes in "Hello World" example.


I'm unclear in the Corona Hello World example how to determine the state of the client; i.e. when it connects to a lobby, then connects to a room, etc.. etc..

How can I check for these different states? I didn't want to display any game info or GUI until the connection is confirmed to the room.

For example, this code here:

function client:onOperationResponse(errorCode, errorMsg, code, content)
self.logger:debug("onOperationResponse", errorCode, errorMsg, code, tableutil.toStringReq(content))
if errorCode ~= 0 then
if code == LoadBalancingConstants.OperationCode.JoinRandomGame then -- master random room fail - try create
self.logger:error(errorCode, errorMsg)

It seems the client is awaiting a OperationResponse, and somehow if this: "LoadBalancingConstants.OperationCode.JoinRandomGame" is received, the client is instructed to try to join a random game, will fail, then will create a room called "helloworld".

But *where* is that "LoadBalancingConstants.OperationCode.JoinRandomGame" getting called? I guess, I could really use a breakdown of the lifecycle of a PhotonCloud realtime client.

But I'll take any help I can get here. I plan on using you guys along with PlayFab to handle a turn based game when all is said and done.

You'll be hearing a lot from me in the future I'm sure. :)



  • Hi,

    The simplest way to trace client state is implement onStateChange method.
    See usage sample in demo-particle\ParticleClient.lua and other demos.

    client:onOperationResponse in code snipped you quoted is used for detecting random matchmaking error. This is probably the only case you may need that not covered by onStateChange.
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