TrueSync, general questions

Let's discuss about the awesome new TrueSync :open_mouth:

Question: is movement applied from the server? so does that mean after pressing the forward button on client and before movement prediction kicks in, if ping is 150ms to the server the first player movement will be seen at 150ms?

(I think this is how Second Life does things, small delay for first movement but allows for collider bumping and other complex server-side collisions).

What is the maximum recommended players for a single room with TrueSync? Is it less or more than PUN? Can updates per second be reduced to increase the number of players?


  • Hello @Kekora, TrueSync is a lockstep based system so in general the simulation runs when all other players inputs arrive for a particular frame. But this way the game could be very laggy because you have to wait for new inputs every frame, in TS we have a "sync window" (configurable) which delays your own input a few frames to give some time to other player's input arrive.

    The max number of players depends a lot of the game, but up to 4 players is a good number for a good internet connection. You can reduce the updates rate to reduce network traffic, which means a slower physics as well, it is a trade-off.

    Please feel free to ask more if you still have doubts about TrueSync or if you have any in the future.