Why scene objects "resist" being moved?

For example: i have standart unity cubes with mass 1 near the cliff. Master client can push them easily with his capsule collider but other players have to use more effort to do the same. It looks like the cube "sticks" to the ground or has the force applied to it which pulls it back to it`s orijinal spot. But other players are still able to push it from the cliff, but they have to "fight" it more (to run and jump into it more);
Example 2: if i try to change gameObject position with something like gameObject.transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(gameObject.transform.position, Vector3.up * 10, 10); using RPC, for non-master players it will teleport to the new spot for a split second and then get back to it`s original place. All of that probably sounds really stupid, but this is what happens.
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