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I'm extending the Lite Application (Like the MyApplication example). I have a database where i load data from when needed, but when something of the data changes, i don't want to directly update it to the database, instead i want to update it in bulks after each x seconds. Or in general, where do i place global data, that is not specific to one single room or player ?

So i tried to create a timer in a subclass from LiteApplication and override the Setup Method, to start the timer. But the server is not calling Setup(), only the one in LiteApplication.
public class MyApplication : LiteApplication
     // [...]

     protected override void Setup()
        // do something

Am i missing something, or is it even a false approach for such task ?



  • did you configure MyApplication in the photonserver.config file instead of LiteApplication ?
  • You mean this?:


    I outcommented all the other applications.
    <Applications Default="MyApplication">

    The server logs also say that it gets started.
    One thing to mention: It uses the right CreatePeer method ( the one in MyApplication, tested it with a log message ), but not the Setup method.
  • that would be odd since LiteApplication.Setup is definitely called for Lite, and if you are overriding it your Setup method should be called as well.
  • Hey,

    Okay, my fault, works now ;)
         protected override void Setup()
                Log.Error("setup"); // does not work since the logger is initalizied in base.Setup()
                Log.Error("after base.Setup()"); // works

    Thanks anyway!
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