Tournament Server

We're working with Unity on a turn based game and we want to add a tournament feature. We are new to Photon and we have some doubts about what is the best course of action.
Our idea is to implement a tournament server with C# and .NET Photon SDK. The tournament server will be on charge of creating special tournament game rooms. When a player joins the room it is joining the tournament. After the players enter the room, the tournament will start and the tournament server will manage everything related to pairings and rankings.
Our idea is that the tournament server runs on the same computer where the Photon server is running. We are planning to organize simultaneous tournaments, so probably we will run more than one tournament server simultaneously, one for each tournament.
Is this the appropriate aproach?

Changing to another subject, is there any example of mixing .NET SDK and Unity? We've tried to use a C# program to create game rooms and a Unity game to list the rooms, and we had little success.

Thank you very much.


  • Lite usually doesn't keep rooms, unless someone is using it.
    I'm not sure if you need rooms to organize tournaments. You could also provide them as string[] to the client easily. You will need to store tournaments and each player's progress anyways, so you can get the list from the DB. Don't stick to rooms, if you don't really need them.

    Are the matches in a tournament player versus player? At the same time or not?
    If you want to match 2 players in a tournament, you can come up with any room name spontaneously, if both are online, e.g. Sent it as event and make both clients join if the player agrees.

    You can use DotNet library projects in Unity as well. A compiled dll is simple to import: drag and drop or simply copy it to the Assets folder.