PhotonViews change Owner Mode to "Fixed" after Unity restart

Using PUN 1.75 and Unity 5.4, my photonViews attached to my prefabs reset the Owner mode after every Unity restart to "Fixed".

Also, I am getting an warning message in the log caused by NetworkPeer.cs:

"Operation failed: OperationResponse 225: ReturnCode: 32760 (No match found). Parameters: {}"

I don't really know how to deal with that message nor if it's related to my issue.
Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?


  • That warning is just a heads up to show that matchmaking attempted to find any open room and failed. This just happens and is OK. You can ignore this or find the place where it's called and delete the message.

    We have to look into the issue with PhotonViews resetting to Fixed.
    Note that v1.76 is unlikely to have a fix for this, as I read this after submitting the update.

    Better use the "PUN" subforum, when you have questions or remarks.

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