notification for the disconnecting is not being called.

edited September 2011 in Photon Server
I am using the photon server for an ios app . Whenever a player in the network get disconnected from the game due to some fatal error(like crash), photon server will usually call this - (void) PhotonPeerEventAction:(nByte)eventCode:(NSMutableDictionary*)photonEvent with the event code-91 for leaving the game to other players. This functionality is working fine before one month while i am testing. But now i am facing the issue that photon server is not making notification call to other players when a user disconnects due to crash in the device. I am running the photonserver in a separte instance in my lan network. I tested by connection to your test server it was working fine. Can you provide a valid reason why i am getting this issue ?.

[Note : i have kept MinTimeout as 5sec and MaxTimeout as 10s in my photon server instance].


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