Android sdk

Hello all,

i want use you sdk in my android game. i also downloaded you sdk "Photon-AndroidNDK-Sdk_v4-1-3-3". but i am not able to use it because in this sdk i found c and c++ class. please guide me how can i use it in my game. and i am using android studio for development. so please guide me how can i use you sdk for android game.


  • Kaiserludi
    Hi @Narendra_1.

    Our AndroidNDK Client SDK requires that the app uses the Android NDK ( and that at least those parts of the app that interact with photon are written in C++ (those parts can interact with other parts of the app that are written in Java through the Android JNI (Java Native Interface)). We do not offer a Java Android Client SDK anymore, as demand for it was too low (Photon is primarily used by game developers and most Android games are either using Unity3d (C# scripting compiled to C++ by the engine), Unreal Engine 4 (C++ and/or Blueprints), Cocos2d-x (C++) or their self-developed in-house game engine written in C++).

    The Client SDK includes several demo projects, which you can use as example on how to use Photon and on how to configure the make files projects (note: as Android Studio did not offer NDK support until very recently, we do not yet officially support Android Studio - alternatively to make files the combination of Visual Studio and VisualGDB can be used).