Peak CCU is calculated wrong?

The peak ccu appears to be adding the highest ccu value from each region at ANY point instead of the same time moment.

7am 8am 9am
us-10 70 30
eu-30 10 20

The peak ccu should be 80 from the above data, but it is reporting 100..

If peak ccu is used to determine the capacity then thats flawed.. if it is simply for show, then i guess its ok?


  • Peak CCU determines the resources being used across regions and shows for the rendered timespan.

    So peak CCU - given your sample - is 80 CCU for the single timeframe being looked at within the timespan.
    Looking at the timespan in total and resources being used the peak CCU for it is the sum of regions' peaks in the whole timespan and 100 CCU.
  • mrm83
    edited September 2016
    So what time span is it used to determine usage?

    It says "Your application exceeded its limits in this month."

    Seems unreasonable if it is using monthly timespan.. even daily seems wrong.

    I could have 80 peak users in US and peak 80 users in asia while US has 0 users (us people sleep, asia people play). This would mean the CCU is 160 instead of 80?

    With that in mind, having 1 single server seems to be better than having multiple regions.