Ty And some Basic Questions! (Bug report!?)

Well a big Ty for Photon. Everything seems awesome so far.

Today i managed to get the Demo "http://u3d.as/content/exit-games/photon-unity-networking/2ey." to work as i wanted to. Basically i managed to upload a web built game to my web server. So that other people could join. Also wanna point out that with 4 ppl in the server there were no lag at all :D

What i am basically wondering now is:
1:Is there step by step tutorial (!Video) out there ? I have ofc Google searched allot about everything involving photon.
2:Do i have to do outside unity work ? i wondering cos after i saw the hello world tutorials. I started to suspect that if i wanted to create a server that has ex: a database system I have to work in Visual basic as well ? Basically i am wondering if its possible to do everything(Coding) inside of unity.

Well lastly i want to point out that a Step by step ("Video") how to make a simple unity multilayer would be awesome for us newbies :) It's hard to understand how things work by just looking at the demo projects. But non the less i am very grateful over their exists. I am not lazy i will work with what i have and hopefully things will work out !

Also in download section: Photon-Unity3D_v6-4-3_SDK.zip. In this demo i can't get the Cubes appear as in: (http://doc.exitgames.com/v3/demos/realtimedemolive)Unity Client SDK v6.2.0.. so perhaps an bug in latest
version :roll: Can any1 confirm ? i tried to solve it... Reason why i ask etc is cos this is exactly what my game idea is about... "moving cubes" Thus why i am interested to solve this !




  • 1. I don't think so but you also don't need it because its basically the same as using unity networking directly, just that you don't connect to the master server to find the game and then the game server, you connect to Photon and then join a game which directly connects you to the corresponding 'game server' (Master Client -> the one who created the game)
    2. With Photon Unity network, you don't need to leave unity unless you want to add custom operations that run on the photon server (central db for example would likely be done there or through a webservice)

    Just to be sure: The named SDKs there are not for Photon 3 and will not work against the Photon 3 server or the server of Photon Unity NEtworking (thats just the loadbalancing application present in the normal Photon 3 server too!). You need to download the 3.0.0 SDK
  • Ahhh Ty so much dreamora! Tanx to ppl like you i might stand a chance at this.. :) I will ofc work harder now to earn my wisdom..! I did suspect that Photon 3 server wouldn't do. I also did try other servers(That i don't remember exactly which one ). I have good educational plan set up now. Hopefulyl after that i understand more about networking.

    Again Ty for the info.