Connection via WLan

when I start the server and clients on my computer everything works fine. But when I start the client on an other computer and one on the computer where the server is, i can see the gameroom, that i opened on the server computer, with the other computer, but can not join it(the pcs are in a wlan network). I already changed the ip of the client game(in the gamemanger.cs) to the one where the server is. The settings of my unity demo are similar to the one of the Photon Viking demo. I also deactivated the firewalls for testing.
Does somebody know why it doesn't work :) ?


  • sure the public ip of the server / load balancing node were set to the machines external ip (means the lan ip for in lan or the public external IP of the lan if from internet)
  • Hey,
    I had to change the PublicIPAddress in: \LoadBalancing\GameServer1\bin\Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config and \LoadBalancing\GameServer2\bin\Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config to the server computers lan ip (found it in an other thread). Thats probably the same thing you mentioned dreamora.
    Thanks :)
  • Thats exactly what I meant :)
    Depending on the project you use its in a slightly different place, for PUN / LoadBalancing its those two entries :)