Windows 2008 x64

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we are receiving :
Authentication failed: OperationResponse 1: ReturnCode: -1 (Unknown operation code 1). Parameters: {}.

I have added the servers ip to the config files in loadbalancer/game1 and game2
I have added exceptions in the firewall inbound/outbound ruleset for the photnserver.exe and the following ports 4530, 5055, 843, 4520
photon is running as administrator testclient connects without issue.

please advise on how to rectify the above error.


  • please check the logs of the server applications.
  • Ok it is now running and connecting. How do I secure my photon server so that no one else can use it for other games?
  • you can configure the listeners to accept just a certain (secret) application id.
    or you can check the application id when the peer is created and disconnect on mismatch.
    or submit a "secret" with the authenticate operation and disconnect on mismatch. you can use secure communication for this.
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