HandleJoinGame : opCode Join or JoinGame ?

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In the LoadBalancing sample you use to join a game in Program.cs the operation code: Lite.Operations.OperationCode.Join (= 255) which will be catched in the switch in Game.ExecuteOperation to execute the desired Game.HandleJoinOperation().

However you also define an OperationCode.JoinGame (= 7)
And here I am confused what is the purpose of this operation?

AppLobby and MasterClientPeer do catch this operation and execute HandleJoinGame
but your sample never sends such an operation and AppLobby::HandleJoinGame is never called as far as i see it?

Isn't there a discrepancy here?


PS: Frankly am I alone in finding the LoadBalancing code a bit... confusing?


  • JoinGame (=7) is used with the Lobby where a player can choose from a list of games.

    The way it works in a nut shell is:
    -(Master) join the lobby with JoinLobby (= 4)
    -(Master) receive an event GameList (= 10)
    -(Master) while connected to the Lobby receive GameListUpdate (= 11)
    -(Master) call JoinGame (=7)
    -(GameServer) Join(=255) the room on the GS

    This is the framework Photon Unity Networking is built on. You can download it and look at the code in NetworkingPeer.cs.
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