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We've recently added Photon Voice to a VR project we're working on. The quality is okay but at times we do have a lot of, what I assume to be, dropped packets because quality degrades to the point of being unusable. I've not dug too much into the voice scripts and I do see some settings for bit and sample rate but am not sure if that's the right avenue to pursue. Also, we're using Photon Cloud and the free tier but plan to upgrade, though on the site it doesn't say anything about higher/more reliable band with with a paid subscription. Both users are in the US east and on pretty beefy connections. Anyone have any suggestions on getting voice clean?


  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭
    Does this happen in unity editor also?
    Please run TestVoice demo and look at numbers in "PhotonVoice:" line and below. Most interesting is "Frames lost". How much it increases per second when you experience problems with sound? 1 or 2 lost packet per sec. is ok. Other useful numbers are ping (RTT/Var) and data rate.
    Photon voice recovers lost packets but it fails of course if lot of them are lost.
    If packets loss is acceptable, try run demo again with Debug Info enabled in Photon Voice Settings component. If it reports underrun/overrun warnings too often, then maybe you need to increase buffer size ("Play Delay Ms" option, default is 200).
    Decreasing "Bitrate" (default is 30000) may help in case data rate exceeds internet bandwidth.
    Also make sure that codec buffer size set in "Delay" option is not too low (default is 20 ms)

    The quality of sound should not depend on plan you use. But make sure that you do not exceed your current plan limits.
  • OK I found the issue I told a small lie (shame on me) I am adding a pitch shift to the player audio source and it seems to be this culprit.
    Therefore i need to better way to process the voice effect which is necessary for my character.

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