Lua-version for Defold

I was hoping to be able to use Photon with the new gameengine Defold. Problem is that it cannot handle compiled Lua as it is Luajit. So it seems that you are narrowing it down to Corona. Any chance of uploading a noncompiled/binary Photon.lua ?


  • bertelmonster2k
    edited July 2016
    We have developed a PoC (proof of concept): So Defold works with Photon. We do not feel comfortable to hand this out as a public SDK (and support it). The LUA Photon code needs to be in source in the project - no way for compiled code.

    We want to support it - but are looking for a bigger studio/project to work with. If you are fitting this requirement, then drop me an email to
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  • PabloTitan
    Hi, sorry for bumping it up, but is there any example or SDK to work with Defold? You wrote, that you had a proof of concept - is it possible to share it somewhere now? :)