Opening up ports 5055 and 4530 in Windows 2008 - Need Help

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I downloaded photon and installed on our dedicated Windows 2008 Server hosted with

It looks like it works locally, when I run Photon Instance 1 > Run Testclient, it appears the test are running ok.

However, using the Demo Viking example file from my desktop and trying to connect, it looks like it's being blocked. It says to "Please make sure that you have installed the Photon server...."

Locally, on my desktop, I was able to get it to run. The server is another story.

Does anyone have a tutorial that shows how to open up ports with 1and1 Windows 2008 Server? From what I've read there is a firewall in the control panel, a firewall in Plesk and a firewall on the actual machine.


  • The firewall of the server is within the server management window, basically the same as the normal windows firewall but like 2 worlds more powerfull and precise but otherwise still the same. just add an inbound rule for the application
  • Thanks dreamora. I was able to open up the ports. I ran a netstat and it looks like it opened.

    I've got some more digging around.
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