Funny code in PhotonConverter

jashan ✭✭
I just went line by line through PhotonConverter because I needed to manually convert one file of which I accidentally discarded the changes ... and stumbled over this line:
input = PregReplace(input, NOT_VAR_WITH_DOT + "hotonNetwork.playerList.Length" + NOT_VAR_WITH_DOT, "$1PhotonNetwork.playerList.Count$2");

I guess "hotonNetwork." should be "Network." ... probably someone typed with the cursor at the wrong location (I've seen this in many projects), and the only time anyone would notice this is either through line-by-line code review, or if someone was using Network.playerList.Lengh and it causes a compilation error (but as that's trivial to fix, probably no one would bother much).

Still, I guess it should be fixed ;-)