Photon Engine + Unreal Engine; noob needs help

Hey there! I'm developing multiplayer game on ue4 for iOS using blueprints, I'm not a programmer. Few days ago I found out about Photon Engine and decided to use it for my project. It's simple realtime 5 on 5 battles like in 'Counter-Strike' so I want it to use random matchmaking (to make it more simple for now).

I've read your documentation about Photon Server, Photon SDK's, downloaded them and tried to launch a demo following the steps in documentation but something went wrong and I couldn't make it to an end. I need help:

1. As very many games use the same (or very similar) matchmaking system than I think there should be a very easy way to implement this technology to your game without programming it and adjust some settings. Maybe just change some parameters. And as I read in your documentation - it's possible but I just don't get how you can implement it in your game so easily...

2. How do I setup the multiplayer using Photon Engine? I just don't get the whole picture: you have Photon Server, Photon SDK for UE4 and actual UE4, but how do you use them together?

3. How do I send data to the server from UE4? Do I need to call special functions for example to replicate the character's movement? In UE4 they have built-in multiplayer system where you can set variable to 'Replicated' and it will be communicating with the server.. so is this technology similar to yours or not?

4. Can you use blueprints with Photon Engine? I don't know but I think that it is possible because you just call functions from server's .cpp files, am I right?

You see that I'm noob to all this stuff and it would be really really great if someone would clarify these first steps to me. I think this would be very helpful to beginners.
P.S. I would be more than pleased if you were able to contact me with skype. if so - I will post all useful info from our conversation in this thread

Thank you for your attention!