IPv6 troubleshooting

Hi guys.

We've just updated to PUN 1.69 and unity 5.2.5 (which should containf IPv6 fixes). Unfortunately it looks like that something is wrong with photon cloud servers and access via IPv6. Photon successfully get all regions and their DNS addresses but can not ping them.

Here is quick log:

Region: eu with ping 4000, IP: SLAMS034.exitgames.com:5055
Region: us with ping 4000, IP: SLWASH007.exitgames.com:5055
Region: asia with ping 4000, IP: SLSING001.exitgames.com:5055
Region: jp with ping 4000, IP: SLTOK005.exitgames.com:5055
Region: au with ping 4000, IP: SLMEL001.exitgames.com:5055
Region: none with ping 4000, IP: VELMIA001.exitgames.com:5055

Than I made quick test on iOS and put some of those addresses to safari browser and device obviously can access those servers. I'm using pingManager.PingSocket(region).

Thanks a lot.


  • I assume you're using BestRegion as setting?
    It seems the socket implementation for that is separate and not updated yet.
    We will work on this with high prio.
  • We are using our solution based on BestRegion and using PhotonPingManager to find pings to regions sort them and do Matchmaking (sometimes on more then one regions - where user have reasonable ping). Everything worked fine with IPv4.
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