how to set ChannelCount value?

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I know how to set the value of ChannelCount in the MMO WinGrid demo;I create an ios project and to transfer messages in more channels,but i don't known how to set.The default value of ChannelCount is 2,and when i send messages at the server side on the 3rd channel, the phonton enigne will shut down.So,i want to know how to set ChannelCount value at the client side or at the server side(if it may be setted at server side).


  • The .net client has a ChannelCount property that you have to set before you connect. I guess it will be similar on iOS?
  • Well for iOS the channelCount is hardcodet at the moment. Making it configurable is on the todo-list, however.

    If you are only needing 3 channels and no more, then you could just update to a more uptodate version of the client lib, as the channel count has been increased from 2 to 3 with one of the last releases.

    Seems, I should just set it to 255 with the next release, as a quick fix, until we make it configurable, although if you really need more then 3 channels, then I would be curious about the usage.
  • I see, thanks a lot!
    Also thanks Boris!
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