Few Q's.

Hi all.

I'd just abandoned photon and gone over to another provider because of your complexity when a client came to me. Turns out your recently released Unity Plugin is the best bet for him :)

So as I'm on a deadline I'd though I'd ask a few questions while I figure out how to get this to work.

Theoretical Scenario:

I have 2 octo-thread servers and want to run 4-6 unity game servers each - and one room list (I can fake this from n lists should it be needed).

Where do I run photon?
Will there be significant inter-server traffic?
Does photon act as a proxy for all messages?
Do I need an IP for each gameserver?

Normally I'd do the legwork myself - but I hope to buy a license at the end to make up for the troubles :)




  • As you only have one photon server running yes there will be interserver traffic, the whole transfer from photon to the unity master clients (unity game server) on the other machine. (-> yupp acts as proxy and thus also no external IP required for the rest of the game servers "hidden behind the photon server" in the cluster)
    With this little going on, there is little reason to use load balancing in the end.

    and it won't be redundant no (wouldn't even be if you were load balancing as you still only have 1 photon server as master)
  • Thanks dreamora, basically what I thought it'd be and I now have direction :)
    With this little going on, there is little reason to use load balancing in the end.

    I haven't even looked into load-balancing - I'm more interested in the photon/unity combo.
  • Unity Photon Networking is the LoadBalance application :D
    If you want it or not hehe

    But as mentioned, with two dozen or so games in parallel it will pretty surely not need to run a Game instance on more than one machine at all.

    So nothing to worry about for the time being but a thing that you might be able to benefit from in the future.
  • I know that - I mean to say that I had barely realized it was anything more than a room list - let alone a fairly complex application!

    The theoretical scenario is just that - the plan is that once we need more than 2 machines that's the time to invest money into proper scaling. Having the load-balancing src already available is a nice bonus that may or may not be of use. Hopefully I'll learn something while digging into it in my own time.