Other's audio output only ear speaker not main sound speaker like speaker phone in iPhone


I built voice demo project and run in iPhone and Android both.

It was normal output like speaker phone in Android.

But in iPhone, it played in ear speaker (upper part/using real calling) not main speaker.

Is it fixed? Can I select one of speaker?

Or it's made by using earphone concept?

And Howling is too much.

If both phone is closed. It's repeated too much.

I can understand echo. But it's too much.

Please let me know.


  • I used Unity 5.3.5f1

    And Photon Voice 1.2 and 1.3 both.

    Those are same results.

    Android and Mac are normal.

    Only iPhone has a problem. Only ear speaker is working.

    I can't change to main speaker. And I didn't anything. And other program is normal output.


    AudioClip will out as main speaker normally.

    What's wrong?
  • vadim
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    Photon Voice uses AudioSource for playing back sounds. It should work same way as AudioClip from your test. The only difference may be that microphone is enabled in voice app.
    I did not find any info about switching playback device on iOS in Unity documentation.
    Please take a look at this discussion http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/audio-coming-out-of-small-phone-call-speaker-instead-of-speakers-on-bottom.207680/

    About echo cancellation. Every OS has built-in means for processing mic. audio to get rid of echo. But it's not clear how to enable this processing in unity application. Maybe plugin can help but we did not investigated this yet.
  • mahmoud93p
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    @vadim you know this problem still! There is to year a go still voice come from ear speaker !