Photon Turnbased Merges into Photon Realtime on May 25th, 2016

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Lots of discussions with customers about the difference between Photon Realtime and Turnbased combined with different market definitions about synchronous and asynchronous games led to the decision to merge Photon Turnbased into Photon Realtime.

Therefore we discontinue Photon Turnbased on May 25th, 2016, as a standalone product and move all existing Turnbased apps to Photon Realtime. So do not worry if you cannot find your Photon Turnbased dashboard anymore: all your Turnbased apps have found their safe harbour in Photon Realtime and you can find them in the Realtime dashboard from now on.

Of course Photon Realtime will inherit the specific Turnbased features like Webhooks and WebRPC.

All running subscriptions for Photon Turnbased apps are seamlessly continued and there is no action required from your side. If you cancel your subscription and want to re-subscribe later or if you want to upgrade your monthly CCU, you can do so by choosing a Photon Realtime plan.