Recording Voice Chat.

Hi Everyone,

So I have just started using Photon Voice for a small room based game I'm making for 2-3 players. One of the things I would really like to be able to do is when a player talks is to send the byte array not only to the players but also to a mySQL database for later analysis.

So I guess I kind of have two questions.

Is this something that would be possible using Photon Voice? and if so where in the code should I be looking?

Thanks everyone!


  • vadim
    vadim mod
    edited May 2016

    To process audio or copy it before sending, you need to patch PhotonVoiceRecorder.Start() method. Find Voice.IAudioStream audioStream variable and assign it with instance of your own implementation of IAudioStream (instead of MicWrapper or AudioClipWrapper). Look at mentioned wrappers for an implementation sample.
    Maybe we will add custom IAudioStream support in api later so no patch will be required.