PhotonView for xamarin


I'm new to photon engine and using with playfab of xamarin sdk. I fond that there is a class of PhotonView in unity sdk, but it is not present in xamarin sdk. I guess this is used for network layer management. How are these type of network objects managed in c# xamarin sdk? Unfortunately I couldn't find much documentation about xamarin version for both playfab and photon.



  • Do You want to make games with it or just something else?
    I used Lidgren which is made for C#. And I can use it on my android and made my own chatapp which is cool :)

    But I am wondering xamarin with playfab has photon?
  • ashemez
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    Yes I want to make games having chat and multiplayer features. As I understand, playfab doesn't have direct relation with xamarin + photon. It just has photon auth token generation methods and xamarin playfab also has these methods too. After that all the logic is done with photon libraries, so photon's xamarin library is also capable for multiplayer and chat features as I see in the demo project. But some types like photonview, networkview are available only in photon's unity libraries.
  • @ashemez
    There are two C# packages for Photon clients: "Photon Unity Networking" and the Photon SDK (for clients).
    Most likely, you read docs for PUN on our pages, which has PhotonView, etc. Those classes are only available in PUN.

    While PUN is not available for Xamarin, the pure coding API is. This is often called LoadBalancing API or Realtime API.
    It's explained here:

    We decided to no longer provide a separate Xamarin SDK, by the way.
    Make sure to use the regular DotNet C# SDK instead.
  • OK thanks Tobias. I also have been reviewing the DotNet sdk as well. I guess I am now familiar with the general purpose of sdks.