How to sync levels

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I know I can use
PhotonNetwork.automaticallySyncScene = true;

This makes sure we can use PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel() on the master client and all clients in the same room sync their level automatically


Then I tested if isMasterCliente

void Update() {

if (PhotonNetwork.isMasterClient == false)

if (levelCompleted)

POBLEM: My doubt is, How can I syncronize this boolean "levelCompleted" between players because I noticed in singleplayer it is working perfect but with multiplayer more than one player is setting levelcompleted and this can load more than one time a level


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    Room custom properties is the best way to share information (data) between players?
    Because I am thinking to put the boolean "levelCompleted" in a custom propertie of the room but I dont know if this is the correct.
  • ///
    /// This method is storing "Level Completed" in the rooms custom properties
    /// Since PhotonNetwork.time is synchronized between all players, we can use this to
    /// share time information between all players
    protected void SetLevelCompleted()
    ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable newProperties = new ExitGames.Client.Photon.Hashtable();
    newProperties.Add("LevelCompleted", false);;