Invalid application id format

Hi ,
I am getting Invalid applicaion id format, i have changed the application id in NetworkLogic.cpp
but still getting the same error


  • Please do not double post to forum and support at the same time, thanks.
  • Make sure you didn't accidentally copy&paste some whitespace or other character.

    Which demo are you using? And which library?
    You are posting in the Android Java forum but the .cpp points to a native SDK?
  • Harish_Kagale
    edited April 2016
    Thanks Tobias admin, for immediate reply.
    we want to use photon sdk for one of our game on android to build realitime multiplayer, so using photon android Ndk sdk,
    Right now i am using LoadBalancing demo with loadBalancing -cpp library

    There are no whitespace Characters in the app id.
    Is there a direct java photon SDk available for creating realitime multiplayer ?
  • Harish_Kagale
    edited May 2016