Is the Unity3D SDK player name synchronization broken?

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I was having trouble getting it to work in my own project.
Then I went and run the "demo-particle-unity" example project that comes included in the sdk and it doesn't seem to be working there either. Remote cubes don't show their names, but looking at the code it looks like it is trying to.

To be clear: I'm using the Unity3D sdk and not PUN. Could photon staff verify that the feature is actually working?


  • Sorry, to be more clear:
    I'm using photon realtime Unity 3D SDK v4.0.5.1
  • Hi @Mario,

    Please check that in "LoadBalancingClient.cs" file (Line 1850) you should have this.LocalPlayer.AllProperties; instead of this.LocalPlayer.CustomProperties;.
  • Hi @JohnTube,

    line 1850 didn't even have that code in it, but searching the function I found it in line 1884.. I changed it to what you suggested and that fixes the problem.

    So what does it mean? Is there an alternative version of the sdk that I should use?
  • This is fixed but not released yet. Release of next version may take some time that is why we are given you the manual fix.
  • I am with the problematic version and i had that problems, finally I have resolved it thanks to this thread, changing to AllProperties instead of CustomProperties. But the best you can do is use the newest release.