Problem with using ExitGames.Client.Photon.LoadBalancing

Hello !
Its my first time using photon and i am making turnbased game so in the docs for turnbase:
It says that i should use ExitGames.Client.Photon.LoadBalancing namespace in order to use LoadBalancingClient but it says that this namespace does not exist so what i should do ?
And if you are experience can you give me some tips how i should integrate the turnbased Thank You!


  • dougie1
    Hi, don't know if this is much help but "namespace does not exist" means Unity does not know where to look for the LoadBalancing code. You need to make sure the plugin you are trying to use is correctly installed - choose all components at setup might fix the problem.
  • Merhat
    yes i know and i installed everything but there is not LoadBalancing script anywhere
  • Bumping this one up. I downloaded the current version of Photon Unity Networking Free from Asset Store (!/content/1786). The version is 1.69 (May 19, 2016).
    There is no LoadBalancing namespace in that package. Any ideas why?
  • Tobias

    Photon Unity Networking (short: PUN) is a separate client-side package, which is not compatible with persisting games (known as Photon's Turnbased solution).

    It can be used to create games that are turn based but persisting rooms is not supported in this case.

    Are you doing a long running game or one that should be played and finished in one session?

  • We're actually creating a style multiplayer game. I noticed that there are two different packages that can be used with Unity. We decided that we don't need the LoadBalancing now so we're sticking with PUN :)