BUG : Not receiving onEvent.

Plugin source : Downloaded plugin from exitgames(corona).

Bug scenario : 2 or more people connected in a room, exchanging events( i.e one player(P1) raiseEvent and all others including him(P1) receives onEvent ). After sometime suddenly the player(P1) stops receiveing onEvent, though other players receives it, from then on player(P1) will not receive any onEvent's at all (from himself or others).

Reason : Not sure. But one thing noticed is when fps drop occurs the chance of that bug occuring is high.

Is it plugin problem or am I doing something wrong? Need more info? Any suggestions?



  • vadim
    You need to check P1 client state. Most likely, P1 got disconnected for some reason. Such disconnection are logged usually. So checks logs also.
  • Madan
    edited March 2016
    If P1 is disconnected it cannot raise events right? but its raising events and others can receive it. The only thing is that P1 is not receiving any events.

    P.S : Using plugin that I downloaded from exitgames.

  • vadim
    Does it happen in your app only or you noticed same behavior in demos included in SDK?
    Set log level (client:setLogLevel) to photon.common.Logger.Level.TRACE and send us resulting logs.
    Also would be nice to have simple reproducing application which we can run and debug.
  • Madan
    Apologies for the huge delay.

    The following link is the for the trace when bug occured,

    Now, the following is the normal trace (When everything is working fine) ,

    I sense something happening with dispatchIncomingCommand, I couldn't figure it out.
    I also see this "<reliable: postpone not next 867 866" , I don't get what this is.

    Plz help me out.

  • vadim
    vadim mod
    edited July 2016
    Sorry for delay. Missed your answer somehow.

    "Bug" log shows normal behavior with client joined to a room and raiseEvent called regularly.

    Client in "normal" log joins a room for 1 sec. only and immediately calls Leave (operation code 254).
    Client state change:
    05/31/16 17:30:50 INFO LoadBalancingClient: State: ConnectedToGameserver -> Joined
    05/31/16 17:30:51 TRACE LoadBalancingClient: Game: serializeOperation. code: 254 count: 0 (Leave called)
    05/31/16 17:30:51 INFO LoadBalancingClient: State: Joined -> JoinedLobby
    05/31/16 17:30:51 INFO LoadBalancingClient: State: JoinedLobby -> Disconnected