Does Photon Voice support WebGL?

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In Unity 5.3.4 when I try to build for WebGL I am getting some errors.

First, In ChatClient.cs and LoadBalancingClient.cs I get an when it gets the SocketImplementation which I saw the type is retrieved differently in another area of the program so maybe I was able to fix it with the following code.

if (protocol == ConnectionProtocol.WebSocket || protocol == ConnectionProtocol.WebSocketSecure)
// this.chatPeer.SocketImplementation = typeof(SocketWebTcp);
this.chatPeer.SocketImplementation = Type.GetType("ExitGames.Client.Photon.SocketWebTcp, Assembly-CSharp");

The second error I am getting is;

"Assets/PUNVoice/DemoPunVoice/Scripts/VoiceDemoUI.cs(214,22): error CS0103: The name `Microphone' does not exist in the current context"

Is their something I need to do to make the microphone available in WebGL?

Really exciting about using your voice solution. Thanks so much.


  • Does Photon Voice does not support WebGL.
    Currently Unity's Microphone is not available when running WebGL app in browser.
  • Thanks. Seems it is possible with a WebGL pluging, I played with this some but was going to take some time to make the PhotonVoice scripts support it. WebGL support would be such a big deal, would rock if you guys could do something like the example in this forum discussions.

    Thanks for the reply.