CurrentRoom.Players.Count is not been updated after a second player joins a room?

I create a random room from a Master player, when another player (client) joins that room I receive the event 255 (join game) on master player but CurrentRoom.Players.Count is not been updated so I am not able to call SavePlayersInProps() function, I am using the Memory card example. My RoomProps are configure same as example with Maxplayer=2.
So when I try to play the Master user turn GameCanStart returns false.

But on the client side(second player) I am able to see that CurrentRoom.Players.Count is been updated to 2 after Event Join. Any Idea why this is happening? I am using current SDK v4.0.5.1 on Unity 5.2 and I am using Webhooks v1.2 demo configuration.


  • Where do you check CurrentRoom.Players.Count? What is in CurrentRoom.Players list? What is LoadBalancingClient.State?
    Do you mean that Memory card example does not work for you? Or you use it as template for you own app?
  • I check CurrentRoom.Players.Count right after case EventCode.Join on operation OnEvent(), I just looked at property LoadBalancingClient.State = 'Joined', CurrentRoom.Players list only has only one element after second player joined the room...

    I am using Memory card example as a template, and this example works perfectly!

    But as I said before this is happening on the master user side because on the second player side the CurrentRoom.Players is being updated to 2
  • So you override LoadBalancingClient.OnEvent()? Do you call base.OnEven() at the beginning of the method?
  • Yes, I override LoadBalancingClient.OnEvent method and I am calling base.OnEvent(photonEvent) at the beginning of the method.
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    Just to make sure RoomOptions.SuppressRoomEvents = false.
  • ok I just set RoomOptions.SuppressRoomEvents to false before I call OpCreateRoom() operation, but still the same, any Idea what else could be?
  • I added logging of CurrentRoom.Players.Count right after case EventCode.Join: in OnEvent method of MemoryGameClient.cs script. Everything works as expected. It prints "1" on room creation and "2" on other player connection.
  • ok thanks Vadim I will try to change my implementation to see if there is something wrong with my current solution