Object serialization


I'm wondering if something changed in the new versions regarding object serialization. It used to work in older versions of photon chat, now when I'm calling publish message, I'm getting exception: Cannot serialize.


  • what client api are you using? did you update it?
  • We've upgraded to photon in order to be able to use WebGL api from photon 3.4.something if I'm not mistaken. We used to send our custom object (a class named ChatMessage with its serialization and deserialization functions) in the object parameter of PublishMessage function. I forgot if we did registration or not.
  • Looking back, I think we did not register it. I am sure it worked before though.
  • Nevermind, we got it working. I sent the bytearray instead of class instance and voila...
    Not sure how it worked before. I'll return if something goes wrong again.