How to find a friends ?

I have no idea how to use method
instance:findFriends (friendsToFind)
Requests Master server for actors online status and joined rooms.
Override onFindFriendsResult to handle request results.

friendsToFind: table Actors names array

How can i get the actor's names ? or friends names
How can i set names of the actor ?
instance:setName(name) method doesn't working for me so far.

Please help me....

Thank you in advance.
Bhavin :)


  • vadim
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    While joined to a master server (but not in room yet), call client:findFriends({"name1", "name2" ... }) with array of names of friends as parameter.
    Override onFindFriendsResult in your client. As soon as server replies, this method will be called with requested friends infos as parameter:
    function client:onFindFriendsResult(errorCode, errorMsg, friends)
            client.logger:info("onFindFriendsResult",errorCode, errorMsg, friends)
    		if friends then
    			for k, v in pairs(friends) do
    				client.logger:info(" ", k,, v.roomId)
  • Thanks for the reply..
    Yes, i just got working findFriends method and getting response in onFindFriendsResult(...) also.

    I am just worried now that i am not getting roomId for the Actor.
    And always getting online == false , even when i that particular friend(actor) joined room already.

    Bhavin :)
  • You can't be in a room and in a lobby at the same time. As I wrote, client:findFriends should be called from lobby. So you need 2nd client joined to a room to check friends and find at least one of them playing. Or you can probably check your own status which will be online but not joined to any room.
  • Here is the process what i did:
    1. connect one player to the lobby and set a name --> "player1"
    2. connect 2nd player to the lobby and set a name --> "player2"
    3. now call findFriends({"player1"}) from player2's deviceand got result :
    playerName == player1
    roomId == "" or nil
    online == false
    4. now create room from player1 and set name "room1"
    5. now call findFriends({"player1"}) method once again and see the same result as step 3..

    Now what is wrong here ?

    I can't get player correct status and room Id ...
    Please help me.

    Actually i want functionality like this:
    When player comes up and joined to the lobby, he wants to join a room in which his friend is joined.
    So finding friends with name and get room name (roomId) , so we can then join that room.

    What should i do here ?

    Thank you.
    Bhavin :)
  • Hi Vadim,

    Is there anything wrong with my code ?
    Please help me.
    I can't move on without findFriends method working..

    Thank you.
    Bhavin :)
  • 1. It loos like you set name after joining a lobby. Set it before connection.
    2. client:setUserId("player1") method should be used. Friends are searched by userId's in fact. not by player name set via client:myActor():setName.
    There is some mess with ids and names in Photon currently. Sorry for that. We will sort it out.
  • Hi Vadim,

    Thanks For the reply.
    I just test with setUserId and then try findFriends() method and it's working now.

    now i have just one question :smile :
    I can client:setUserId(userId) just after client instance created ?

    so will be like this :
    local client =, appInfo.AppId, appInfo.AppVersion)

    is that looks okay or i need to set it after join Lobby ?

    Thank you so much for the solution Man...

    Bhavin :)
  • Set it before connecting to Photon.
    Right after client instance creation is perfect.