Photon Online Status does not work

I'm developing a Photon Chat application in unity, the chat works fine but it does not work when I try to add friends to the photon friends array so I can get their online status. First I did not know where it went wrong but when I try to read my friends array it says that I have no friends. Could some pone please help me? (code below):

Thank you!

public void OnStatusUpdate(string user, int status, bool gotMessage, object message)
// this is how you get status updates of friends.
// this demo simply adds status updates to the currently shown chat.
// you could buffer them or use them any other way, too.
Debug.Log( "Status change for: " + user + " to: " + status );

public void OnConnected()
Debug.Log ("Connected");
chatClient.Subscribe( new string[] { "channelA", "channelB" } );

this.chatClient.AddFriends(new string[] { "Armand" });
this.chatClient.SetOnlineStatus(ChatUserStatus.Online); // You can set your online state (without a mesage).