Photon 3.0 RC2 & Bootcamp-20cc.license & Dashboard

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Following the discussion with Tobias I continue my "tests" :)

The StarDust app works fine now. As well as the dotnet demo-lobby and demo-realtime.
I haven't yet tried the unity ones.

Two issues:

1 - The Bootcamp-20cc.license doesn't work with Photon 3.0.
Strangely is the PhotonCLR.log saying it would accept a license 2.x, no?
This is a useful license when you are on a laptop without web access.
Please update it.

[EDIT]Forget that I didn't see the Viking Demo[/EDIT]

2011-09-02 09:49:00,078 [ 1] ERROR eovB7ZenjNkx9Y8JXO.e7l6ITKJeYq7i6aw4Y - ERROR: The license file is not valid for this Photon version: License 2.X, Photon 3.X

2 - The Dashboard isn't working anymore on my WinXP SP 2 machine.
It worked fine with Photon 2.x.

Perhaps I missed a step:
a. Uninstall photon 2.x dashboard service
b. Install new one
c. Start it.
d. Open dashoard (http://localhost:8088/)

The only message I see is "No Counter Data yet, this page will automatically reload …"

Any idea?


  • I had the same. To solve this problem i changed
    endpoint="" to endpoint=""
    in CounterPublisher.dll.config and Lite.dll.config... and in your own server dll file
  • Thanks a lot andrewbaranov this corrected the issue with the Dashboard :D