how to implement custom operation in litelobby applicaion

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how to implement custom operation in litelobby applicaion?
i want to define login operation in litelobby in order to check user.everyone tell me how to do it?


  • my problem is :
    I want to create a server-side code based on the LiteLobby app. But I don't know where should I place my server-side logic.Should I place my code in class
    such as player login,i must to define login operation,i did not know litelobby workflow,so i want to know how to implement this,all this work in LiteGame or in LitePeer? please tell me or give me a sample!
  • If the operation should be executed within a game room inherit from LiteLobbyGame and implement your operation by overriding ExecuteOperation. If you follow this approach make sure that you instantiate your new class by overriding LiteLobbyPeer.HandleJoinGameWithLobby (copy+rename LiteLobbyGameCache and modify it for your own game type).
    If the operation is allowed outside of a room inherit from LiteLobbyPeer and override OnOperationRequest.
    In addition you have to inherit from LiteLobbyApplication and override CreatePeer to return your own LiteLobbyPeer implementation.
    A basic introduction on how to inherit from Lite can be found in the Lite solution: Project MyApplication.
    Hope that helps.