Turnbased Room List

Alright so I am using the Turnbased SDK with Unity.

Is there any way to remove a game/room from a players saved list without making the player first load the room and then call OpLeaveRoom(false)?


  • JohnTube
    JohnTube mod
    edited January 2016
    Hi @Allough,

    Photon WebRPC (HTTP requests to your web service in general) is what you need to control saved games from client.

    If you want to remove an entry from saved games list you should make a WebRPC call (e.g. method name = "DeleteGame") and add the GameId. But from the corresponding web service endpoint (e.g. https://backend.com/1/deletegame) you should only delete the entry from the list and not the room state itself as it won't be available for other players.

    However, if you do so, the actor will remain in the room state's actors list until it's removed by OpLeaveRoom(false) or by PlayerTTL expiration if used.
  • Thanks @JohnTube , I was hoping there would be something I had missed like OpLeaveRoom(roomName, actorNumber, false) so that I could just be lazy. :p

    This answer was perfect though, and will help a lot when I get around to writing this part of the code.