about indie license

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(1). what's the difference between indie license and regular one ?

(2). How do you detect The following conditions ??

- his yearly gross revenue is below US$ 200,000
- his overall company's staff size is below or equal to 5 including any freelancers
- the Product shall display the Exit Games Neutron logo prominently in a splash screen and in the Product's credits if present

(3). If I buy the indie license,but my company's staff size is larger than 5.How will you deal with ?


  • 1) It's the same as a "regular" one but limited to smaller companies:
    1. Your gross revenue is below US$ 200,000 and
    2. Your team size is max. 5 and
    3. Your game will display the Exit Games logo in the game splash screen or in the game credits.

    2) We don't. It's defined per license agreement. If you don't meet the conditions but use Indie, you are effectively breaking the terms and void your license.

    3) We can disable licenses, if absolutely needed.
    But we would prefer to get you to upgrade (by paying the cost difference from indie to regular) and continue to develop your hopefully successful game.