Need lua 5.2 version

Your lua sdk is for lua 5.1 only.
Please, compile your lua sdk for lua version 5.2.3

I have decompiled original photon.lua. Everything is OK, but sometimes my app is freezing in infinite loops inside photon sdk. Maybe the reason is that I'm using decompiled version


  • My question is for photon developers:

    I have realized the place of freezing

    decompiled photon.lua

    function C.proto:execute(pCommand)

    [InternalConstants.CommandProperties.CT_SENDFRAGMENT] = function()


    while storedFirstFragment.mFragmentsRemaining > 0 and ...

    -- !!! sometimes
    -- storedFollowingFragment == nil and storedFirstFragment.mFragmentsRemaining == 0
    -- ups! we are in an infinte loop

    until storedFollowingFragment

  • It occurs when serialized event size > 1200
    Library built with lua 5.2.4 ( the only 5.2. binaries I could to find).
    Did not tested because I do not have socket.dll for 5.2
  • Thank you! It seems to be ok!!!
  • Why don't you publish compiled lua file not only for lua 5.1 in ?

    Lua is not only Corona...
  • Despite confusing name, the package is not for Corona only. It's supposed to be used as standalone as well. That's why console demos included.
    We were not requested for 5.2 package before. We did not decide yet if we need 5.2 package or lib in download section.