Photon Server the Same as PUN?

I've been using the new UNet for awhile trying to get logic written for an MMO I'm working on. However, the team at Unity doesn't seem to be putting enough focus in the development of UNet. I decided to look back into using Photon to get my game up and running. I've played with PUN before, but never in the sense of a MMO scale. I've read up on everything in the Photon Server section of the website, but there's just one thing I'm not sure if I understand. Does developing a game to run on Photon Server, use the same API as writing room-based match-making games with PUN?


  • Wow... Can't believe that in 5 years, not a single Photon staff member even remotely answered this question. :/
  • hi, @DRRosen3
    sorry, somehow it got lost

    Your question is tricky. Here is why:
    it is totally unclear what you are asking. Photon Server itself is universal thing and can be used to implement different server applications.

    in our sdk we provide LoadBalancing project that is copy of what we run on cloud without some management stuff.

    PUN can work either with cloud or with LoadBalancing that you host your self. if you will try to write something from scratch, it will not work without adoption

  • Not sure if this is not clear:
    Photon Server is the server part of your game. You connect to the server with the client SDKs (e.g. PUN).
    You either connect to Photon Cloud (we host Photon Server) or you host Photon Server yourself (if you need custom server side logic e.g.).
    You do not use the PUN API on the server (or host Unity instances there) - this does not scale.