Photon Chat crash Unity Editor and iOS

I have a big problem with Photon Chat.

Unity Editor
1) If I connect to chat in Unity Editor, everything is fine , but , when i stop the game , Unity crash . Just crash!!! I must open Task Manager to close Unity Editor.
2) If i do NOT connect to chat in Unity Editor , everything is fine , there are no problems.

3) If i connect to chat on an iOS device , when i close the game, i received a crash log :

Exception Note : SIMULATED (this is NOT a crash)
Application Specific Information: failed to exit after 5.00s :neutral:

4) If i (manually) disconnect from chat (using a debug button :smile: ) before exit from game :
a) if I close the game in less than ~5 seconds since i disconnected from chat , i still receive crash log on iOS
b) if i close the game after ~5sec , i do NOT receive crash log in iOS